As from 4th April 2015 we are pleased to offer the following optional tuition. This tuition is aimed at beginners and are very informal and practical in nature. Their availability is of course, subject to the weather, your plans and also our commitments. You can either request them when you book or while you're here. We don't charge you until you've had the course. The times quoted are approximate. We do not 'clock watch' so we're confident you'll feel you've had value for money. You can stop the session anytime you wish but the minimum chargeable time is one hour.

Please note. It may be necessary to share a facility or 'at the telescope' courses with other guests.

Visual observing. Help and guidance. For groups of up to 4 people. Time - up to 3 hours maximum. Cost £25 per hour.

The constellations Finding objects What to see in the night sky and a tour of the nights best objects Choosing the best magnification Observing techniques and the use of filters to enhance observations.

Imaging deep sky objects with a digital SLR or CCD camera. Time needed 1 - 2 hours. Cost £25 per hour.
The aim is to capture all the images necessary, of one deep sky object, from which a good quality image could later be produced.

Telescope preparation and Go-To set-up Attachment of the camera to telescope Camera set up Camera control and focusing via APT software* Manual focusing Target finding, plate solving and auto guider setup.

Our Canon 80D or QHY8L, autoguider and laptop, are used for this course or we can use your camera (Canon DSLR only) if preferred.
Canon cameras (most!) supported by APT

Imaging the Moon and planets with a Celestron NexImage 5. Time needed approx 1hr. Cost £25 per hour.
The aim is to capture an AVI sequence, of one planet, from which a good quality image could later be produced.

Telescope preparation and Go-To set-up Attachment to telescope Connection to laptop and camera set up via capture software Target finding and Focusing Exposure Our camera and laptop are used for this course.

How to set-up and use your telescope. Time needed 1 hour. Cost £25 per hour.

If polar alignment is a mystery or your Go-To Does-Not, then bring your telescope and we'll try and help Can include how to colimate ( Newtonian reflectors) Or anything else you'd like help or advice with.

An informal talk on astronomy. Per lodge. Time needed about 1hour. Cost £25.

With a slide show Plenty of opportunity for questions or discussions Can be great fun! Ideal if the weather doesn't co-operate.