The half meter Dobsonian being readied for a nights viewing. Pictured here is the half meter in its roll off roof observatory.

The observatory provides a comfortable environment from which to view the night sky. Although a large telescope it is very easy to use.

With its NGC Max computer and Telrad sight it is very easy to find objects and there are a variety of platforms and ladders to provide easy access to the eyepiece.

Stephans' quintet? No problem! Spiral arms on M51 or M33? No need for imagination, they're really there!

April 2007.The ISS rises from the west as Venus, setting, shines like the Moon over the observers shoulder.

This striking time exposure was taken as guest, Phil Moore, observed the spring sky with its' many galaxies.

Our first observatory and half meter Dobsonian as seen by day. The roll off roof and sheltered position can also be clearly seen.
Another picture of the observatory and half meter Dobsonian. This picture shows an observing platform in use. In the background is the accommodation and swimming pool. Both pictures also show the attractive grounds.