We welcome pets with responsible owners. However, we do have a few necessary house rules.

Always let us know you are bringing a pet(s) with you when you book.

There is a £25 per week charge for each pet.

You will be expected to pay for any damages caused by your pet.

Dogs and other similar pets must not be left unattended in the lodge.

Cats are welcome but must be caged when left on their own.

We expect owners to thoroughly clear up and bag their pet's mess.

This is most important as there are often people walking around in the dark. Children also play within the grounds.

Pets must be kept on a lead around the lodges and in the paddock.

Pets are not allowed into the observatories. In and around the observatories at night is not really a suitable environment for pets so please ensure they are kept in at night.

We do have a large field where owners can let their pets run free.